Privacy Policy

Keep try 2 fit respects the privacy of it customers. It has specially designed privacy policies for the benefit of its customers. It is very important for us. Whatever personal information you reveal on our website will never in any case be shared with a third party. Without the permission of customers we do not divulge any personal information. The privacy of the customers is completely maintained here. We have all the arrangements that take care that the information you are providing us is not leaked out.  We value our customers and so their privacy.

We take proper care that information is secured and no information in any case is taken without prior permission from the owner. In any case if the information is used it will be as per the privacy policy. Our privacy policy is applicable on all the products and services present on our website. But we have the rights to make changes in our privacy policy. So users should regularly keep checking the policy for any changes or alterations made in the policy. This will help them to remain updated regarding the changes made.

What information we take?

We take both personal and non personal information from the users visiting our website. Information such as job title, customer name, email id, pin code, contact details etc are taken from the customers. These details may be asked for various reasons. Different users have different likes and preferences. So to help in the best way possible the information is gathered from them.  All this information is secured and maintained in our database.  The prime motive of taking all this information is to help our privileged customers in best way possible. Apart from this the information takes us closer to users choice which makes it easy for us to make any amendments in the website. We have strict rules as far as privacy policy is concerned. No body is authorized to use this detail. So you can rest assure all the information you are providing us is in safe hands. You also need not worry as we do not ask any financial information. There will be no chance of any fraud.


We also make use of cookies to detect the page you are using. The cookies also help our team to know from where the traffic is coming. As a whole this is done to enhance the user experience. It is up to you to either choose or decline the cookies.